Famous Russian Music-Schooling System fascinates music students worldwide again and again. Besides, many music admirers become assured that the musical event the Russian artists or pedagogues might participate in, nearly must represent a truly higher artistic quality. As well the music teachers who even very little, sometimes, somewhere... – still have been learned by the Russians, become likely more trustful for the students.

"The grounders of The Russian Professional Music-Schooling System perfectly knew that if something had not formerly been recognized, planned and shaped by the artistically skillful and active fantasy, nothing positive could factually happen in the practice. When idea does not rule the practice – the practice becomes ruled by something unknown and it should be more than very clear that such kind of activity cannot yield anything of artistically valuable character." 

Rouzan Vanesian, Principal

"The great traditions of the Western European and the Russian music schooling continue, undiminished by time. They carry on from generation to generation, from teacher to student, from hands to hands. These traditions bring to us the experience of great Art, and unforgettable moments of pleasure in music." Pavel Petrov, Director

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